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How can I be so stupid?


It’s the 3rd time I forgot to ask the buyer to order a gig before I deliver the work. :S I forgot to watermark it too, now I don’t know if he’ll come back and pay or not. :S


I’ve almost done that, the best thing to do is to handle every question like this;

Buyer: Hey can you make me a quick 3-column website layout with 3 colors?

You: I would appreciate more information regarding your project, what 3 colors, do you have any examples of the style, colors, navigation, etc you’re looking for?

Buyer: Yes, Just like that, can you do it?

You: Yes I can but you are going to have to order my gig first before I start working on it.

Make sure that you’re always in the gig conversational and not a personal conversation when talking. Only go back to personal if there’s information in there that you need to review. Always quadruple check where you’re at and be cautious. You can never be too safe on the internet. Trust me, this is what I do because I forget too, I am sometimes so happy to help someone and get a gig completed that I don’t pay too much attention. This helps me a lot and I really hope it helps you too. I wish you luck and I hope you get your gig completed and the money you deserve.


Good advice @fsupanda I have the same problem though a little different. You see, a buyer gives me information through the messaging center but fails to include any instructions after ordering. So, the order still reads “pending requirements submissions” yet I delivered the order (I attached it in a message)


Wish u luck, hope u had an honest person in your conversation! But hey if he/she doesn’t it would be a lesson well learned because u see it says right there too that u dont have to do any thing untill the instructions r submitted, so for future references never get too desperate for an order, your service deserves proper buyers!


Ah, Nida has a great point! I forgot about that too! Once they order, wait for everything to go through, they’re required to provide the necessary information first. That’s another sweet security measure that I love about Fiverr! :smiley:


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Reply to @huester1: You’re right, I’ve been trusting people too easily. But now, NO MORE stupidity. :smiley:


Hello, I get a lot of people requesting me to send samples or work but you need to think about it for $5 if they can’t order first means they are either planning on not paying or planning on getting their money back and causing you grief. I always reply saying “Sure thing, I look forward to your order” and some do order but not a peep from the rest.


Reply to @rossonomous: Cause some people, like me, have weak memories. :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @fsupanda: Thank you :).


Reply to @vedmak: Oh, I hate such mean and greedy people.


Reply to @seohut: Thank you. :slight_smile:


Did it once, got burned, won’t do it again.

Always make sure you a have an in progress order


Wish You Good luck


Handle it with care. Never forget to follow the rules.



I like your generosity.

I’d rather sleep at my spare time than work for a buyer who doesn’t order.


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There’s one “buyer” I had asking me to do a cartoon sketch and I was thinking of starting the order after receiving the info I need. BUT I realized that he didn’t order my gig. So I told him I will not start until you order my gig. So I had a close call.

Be sure to include in your gig description that you will not do anything until after the buyer order something. Otherwise they will be ignored.


Don’t really understand why people do work without having a GIG ordered from them.


Lol @vedmak . Am not a workaholic…planning to stretch all my gig time to 10 days …becoming too lazy these days