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How can I be successful in my new Gig?


I had a gig before. Recently it has been deleted. I have reached to level One by that gig. Now I have created a new gig. I have 7 positive reviews.

But my new gig isn’t selling. would not the selling of gig increase as I am a level One seller? What can I do for increasing selling.



Please be patient. Sales come, and sales go. The only things you can do are fine-tune your gigs, make them more SEO friendly, select the best possible images to represent those gigs, and promote your gigs elsewhere online (preferably where your target customers are located). If you treat Fiverr like a business, it will help you find success.

Also, a bit of friendly advice, remove your gig that sells Facebook likes. That is against the rules of both Facebook and Fiverr – you cannot sell social media likes. Fiverr will delete it on their own, and they could put a negative mark on your account for breaking those rules.


Yes, i am agree with jonbaas, try to share your gig on social media, its great opportunity for you,


To start with, I like your picture. It makes your gig look very professional, much more so than the ones with pics of instagram girls on them!


You can also try reaching out to past customers and letting them know that you are back with a new/similar gig that they can reorder if they were satisfied with your services previously! A friendly message reaching out to a former customer, as long as you don’t put on too much pressure, can be very helpful for a repeat sale!


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Here are a few tips

> Use proper keywords int he title and description

>Use proper tags (that is how people will find you)


Try dropping your delivery time to 1 day, at least until the reviews and orders pick up a bit. The short turn around time is a really good deal for buyers. Of course you’d be missing out on potential “Express” add-ons, but if nobody is buying your gigs what’s the point right? You could always change your delivery time when business picks up.


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