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How can i be sure i will get paid after completing the awarded project?

Hi guys, I am a beginner of freelancing and i am too much confused if i completed the project and can’t get payment from employer so what will be the reward of my hard work. Please, I need tips on how to know about getting paid.

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I suggest you read Fiverr’s Terms of Service to learn how Fiverr works. It’s all explained there.


All orders completed, you must get paid it will take 14 days in other to get your money withdrawn. But as my fellow team mate said you will need to read the terms and services carefully

There are no “employers” on fiverr.
Person can pay and place an order and that’s the guarantee by fiverr.

If you decided to ignore fiverr rules and delivered your work through the inbox then you just worked for free


@mariumshakir13 First of all welcome to the fiverr community,
I believe that you haven’t read the terms of service which exists down left corner of
Click here for Terms Of Service
Since you’re just getting started you should look at this How fiverr works? Click here
How can you start selling on fiverr?! Click here for more

Hope this helps and one last thing if you need Help and support Click here
Good luck and good day to you :slight_smile:

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