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How can i become a big seller?


I am new in this forum and also new at fiverr. I have interest to know how to develop a new seller and gradually become a big seller in fiverr.I want to show my talent and make a big platform which help me to success.

So, thanks all guys to join me this new era.



There isn’t a shortcut way to be successful on Fiverr @alnoman890. It’s your perseverance, patience, hard work which can lead you top. From my experience, I can just provide you some suggestions and those are down below:

1.Share your gigs to social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+ etc as you can.
Specially, Google+ and Twitter can drive you some buyers and boost your sales on Fiverr.
2.Send Buyers Request(BR) every day related to your gigs, if you can’t do the job, then please don’t irritate the buyers sending an irrelevant text.
3.Try to upload a good quality Gig Video to your Gigs. A video can increase your chance of getting Order 200%!
4.Try to stay active as time as you can. Staying online for a long can enhance your order getting chance. Worry about staying infront of pc all the time? Here, you can use the mobile Fiverr app for your continuous logging in fiverr.
May be these tips are enough for you to be a BIG seller:wink::wink:


Hi alnoman890,
The best way to work on Fiverr is when you work on areas that are genuinely interesting to you.The passion you have and the happiness you get in doing your work - will com across through any communication medium. So listen to your heart and send your offers to buyers - use the words to introduce yourself- they should not sound like copy and paste. Make offers more realistic in nature so that your buyers connect with you. Also do not charge too high - as you are establishing yourself. Get an idea on industry rates by reading forums like warrior and quote the rate as per your skills. Another Tip - Use keywords for your Gigs to attract customers.
All the Best!


Work hard
Maintain quality
Good communication with buyers.


Check the forum for tips and there is lots of useful information in the Also you need to be patient. Some sellers take months to get their first sale. Good luck!:slight_smile:


Thanks for your suggestions.I always believe that, by working hard one can reach his destiny.


Thanks i always try my best efforts.


I always follow some instruction but not success yet. please give some tips


I will try my best with full confidence .


Hello, I happened onto this seller forum and saw your post. As a larger buyer of services on Fiverr, (I think I have spent close to $4,000) this past year, I can tell you consistency and not lying about your service is the biggest issue. I just had a seller take $450 order and waste my time for over a week, and then ask for an extension, of which I granted, only to then cancel my order because he could not complete or do it. I have had great sellers on Fiverr and some real rip off artists. If you don’t have a product that is beneficial to the buyer, or is not as presented, do not offer it. You will fail. Other than that, the do what you know or love is the best advice. Good Luck!


This is realistic speech has been uttered by you. Good/Bad side stay together. You have experienced both types of sellers. Hope all the sellers be prudent to behave in a right way and not bother the clients sending an irrelevant text or the offer that is impossible to done by him.


Hi minahmmas,

I hope you will not feel bad if I give you a very honest piece of advice.I read the language that you have been using to communicate on this forum. I am a writer and even checked out your gigs.There are a lot of grammatical errors you make while you write when you communicate.

In spoken language grammatical mistakes are acceptable in an everyday scenario, yet, if you offer to write Unique articles - you should be careful to avoid grammatical mistakes when you communicate or send an offer to the buyer for your Gig. Be extra Careful! Your buyer is assessing you right from the time you send an offer to them. I would suggest down load an app called “Grammarly” totally free of cost and check what you write by copying and pasting your content. Check on Grammarly for the common mistakes you may be making unknowingly making the buyer go away from you.

Since English is the medium - let us make efforts to offer the best quality of grammar and language possible to the prospective buyers to receive a positive response.

All the Best!


i pleased with you.i hope your advice help me to develop my carrer


I accept a good suggestion it make me a best seller in fiverr


You can find many tips, suggestions and strategies to become a better seller in the Fiverr Academy. Please take some time to research – on your own – how to be successful here on Fiverr. Demanding that we give you tips to “make [you] a best seller in Fiverr” is not how you’re going to become successful. You need to take responsibility for your own success.


Thanks @ritujain777 for your kind suggestions.

Feeling really glad to talk with you. Your suggestions will be obeyed completely to the next step I post something(like this one.wink::slight_smile: in the Forum. I eagerly wait to learn something new and I like to accept others suggestions and advice. As I believe from the core of heart that only with mutual assistance, a person can enhance his/her skills nowadays. Mutual help can grow the percentage of our skill because here we are, skilled in various fields. Exchanging knowledge can make us able to do some great task for the worlds too.

Hope, your such precious advice will help me a lot not only on Fiverr but also for everywhere I go and intend to show my capability. Thanks again @ritujain777. Could you please provide me some more extra directions about my gigs on various services checking them out? Your suggestions will be reflected to my gig:slight_smile::slight_smile:



There are a lot of sellers on Fiverr, so it can take time for you to become established. You might need to offer a lot for $5 to begin with to get your name out there and build your feedback. If you do the right thing by buyers time after time then you can grow on here.

Good luck.


Thank you so much for your kind information.It will helpful for me in future


Thanks for your current information .i will try my best.Keep pray for me