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How can I become a Top Rated Seller? [ARCHIVED]

We’re always on the lookout for Top Rated Sellers but we are picky. That’s right, I said it!

So what are we looking for?

We’re literally looking for the full package.

Original sellers who:

  • Provide a high quality services
  • Have a good sales record with feedback to match
  • Provide Gigs that are interesting and well presented - including high quality images and videos
  • Are extremely professional in delivery and communication with buyers
  • Offer a unique edge to their Gig or service - you want to grab attention of the Editors and your buyers
  • are active members of the community - this is plus but not required
Your Gigs should have an image or short video that clearly represents yourself or your service and you should have a profile picture and description. The personal approach is what sells both buyers and our Editors, so keep that in mind.

Check out some of these Top Rated Sellers’ Gigs to get an idea of what the editors are looking for:










If you think you have what it takes, please feel free to submit your Gig to our Editors via Customer Support.

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Hey, do you also choose Super Sellers? I didn’t think I had “the right stuff” for it, but read about bizgrowthcoach becoming a Super Seller. One of the main things mentioned is that he went from zero to Top Rated Seller in under 4 months… well I did it in under 2 :slight_smile: Sorry if you’re not the right person!

Edited: Now a TRS so come on by and check my gig(s) out, read the feedback and drop me a message if you have questions or want to know some of my secrets for a successful gig

Reply to @caiterz: Thank you for the support and I did!

I became top rated seller in just under a month from zero

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I hope you get it tn5rr2012 :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Interesting, I quesse i will have to upload some videos of myself lol

Programming gigss is although a harder way to be unique and to make a video lol

still working on it after about 8 months of steady earning.

iam also still working on it and i will continue if if iam top rated seller or not because i like what i do and thats the most important thing :slight_smile:

Still working on this. It is a little bit disheartening when you see other people in the same category as you get TRS but have generic feedback and negative reviews, often from the same person when you yourself have a lot of positive feedback which is highly personalized about the standard of writing and next to no negative reviews on quality (only 4/1009 for late delivery due to being in hospital) I am sure I will get there some day, it is my aim. Maybe it won’t deliver any benefits but I just see it as my reward for working 12-13 hours a day on Fiverr. This year will be my year.

Reply to @madmoo: Many thanks! Now done :slight_smile: Hopefully it will help!


madmoo said: Cancel

Reply to @madmoo: Trying my best! Already believe most of those comments are telling about my service (they are certainly nothing generic and people seem to be impressed when they see them) I mean, I will work without TRS as I gather most of my income through Fiverr, but just recognition is always good! Plus that (2) is becoming a little boring :frowning: Many thanks for the tips madmoo!

Reply to @madmoo: Any tips for me madmoo. I could use some and you are my favorite TRS person on fiverr. :slight_smile:

Reply to @madmoo: Great advice there Ang :slight_smile:

A few things i’d add are be active here in the community, connect with your buyers here too, make sure all your gigs have a video that shows you, I think it’s important that buyers get to see you the person, to know what your gig is about, I find descriptions a bit cold unless it’s a visual gig so as Sam always says UPLOAD A VIDEO ! I think being a personable kind of chap helped me get TRS, as Ang says deliver on time and the usual stuff…

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Sadly I don’t wish to add a video (of myself anyway) and I don’t believe my gig lends itself to video advertising or even a live portfolio. I shall just hope and pray that I get recognised within the next few weeks of doing something on Fiverr :frowning:

Reply to @madmoo: Most of those orders are for 8 gigs at a time too! and yes, it is a nightmare, thankfully I have VERY understanding customers if somethings goes late.

Reply to @madmoo: I know it isn’t, but it is still disheartening to see everybody else around you get it despite people constantly saying you offer the superior service :frowning: I don’t mind about the extra orders at all, I just wish for recognition or something. Oh well, i’ll keep at it. If I get TRS someday then brilliant, if not I shall keep going. I am earning money and that’s good :slight_smile: Many thinks for your replies!

madmoo said: We were all new when we started. The 'badge' isn't the first thing I look at.


I got to Top Rated Seller not long after that post :o but then I got my first negative feedback as I forgot to attach something properly to a gig :frowning: now i am afraid my status will be removed. Working with the person now to see if I can resend it, but right now they aren’t budging.