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How can I become Fiverr Affiliate?

Does Fiverr has an affiliate program?
is there a third party affiliate program?
Something Like Commission Junction or CPA company?

The affiliate link is at the bottom of the main page. Here’s a copy:

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Thank you but according to the Affiliate sign-up form: “your Website/Blog must be seeing a minimum traffic level of 500K monthly Impressions.” is it the only way to promote Fiverr as Affiliate?

I would think trying to promote your own Gigs would be more profitable, rather than trying to promote fiverr as an affiliate… Just saying.

Does anyone sell fiverr affiliate plugin? If there please send me a message. I am interested to buy

I do not have a blog with traffic 500k.
Will I be able to join an affiliate?

I don’t know. The affiliate program is separate and I don’t use it.

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I rarely see discussion about this on the forum. Someone might be about to inbox you about a plugin. I don’t think you’ll find much on the general forum about support, though. If you click on the join link from the affiliate page there is a link for direct email support. Try that.

Here’s a thought. Maybe Fiverr has certain demands for a person wishing to promote Fiverr because if it was an open program, it would be full of idiots promoting their own work rather than doing insightful blog posts (or whatever) that linked to Fiverr?

Posting duh questions on a forum about it in the hope of your next quick buck is not going to earn you a dime. In fact, consider why people hate affiliate marketing so much. Oh. It’s people like you. Who never make money but generate vast amounts of pointless spam attaining the Barbados beach lifestyle (or whatever your end goal is).

Given that everyone has said pretty much the same thing and you’re like “no but how I do mek?”… dude.

It’s never going to happen. Move on to the next harebrained project. That probably won’t work either, but hey. One day you might wake up as a dart of self-aware brilliance pieces your skull. Then you’ll understand.

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tl;dr won’t happen. soz.

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A perfect sales page, if ever there was one. :smiley:

Thanks for the link

I use fiverr as my payment method to sell services outside fiverr on my website. I use costume offer and redirect users to fiverr costume offer, where they pay and signup to fiverr.

what if i use fiverr Affiliate program and use my Affiliate link so i get 5$ extra getting new signup to fiverr as FTB (First Time Buyer)

Why i want to do that ?

Promoting your own gig on social media, or other platform does not makes a lot of sense, since you give 20% to fiverr and they can handle marketing for you. and if you are sending traffic to your own gig, and signing up new people to fiverr, you can giving option to the buyer to use some other cheap providers that are already on fiverr.

But, What if you dont rely on fiverr marketing and send traffic to your gigs from your own website using fiverr affilaite ? this can give me two benefits.

  1. Get 5$ extra on each sale that i can get outside fiverr.
  2. once i get more and more reviews, i can get more orders from fiverr.

I dont know ho can i promote my own gig or costum offer as an affilaite. Sent email to fiverr CS but the response was not so good.

17% of my income is actually from affiliate commissions (not Fiverr though). However, I see what you mean. There are a lot of fools out there who don’t know what they are doing.


Explain how Fiverr is a payment method. I’m curious about your explanation.

Probably means that he makes his clients order on Fiverr so the payment goes through Fiverr

It’s always funny that in so many posts here on the forum one has to guess what was actually meant.


Hi mariokluser,
How many times have you been paid by fiverr affiliates and also may I know when last you got paid by fiverr affiliates.

Hi mariokluser,
How many times have you been paid by fiverr affiliates and also may I know when last you got paid by fiverr affiliates.

I am not a Fiverr affiliate. In my reply to emaki I explicitly mentioned in brackets (not on Fiverr).
I’m affiliated with a diversity of platforms and get paid every single month.