How can I become top level seller?



Can you tell me that how can I reach at top level in Fiverr?


Build eye-catching gigs. Work hard. Deliver quality work.


That all things are I am doing.


Then keep doing them. Becoming a successful, respected, “top level” seller does not – will not – happen quickly. You’re going to have to spend a great deal of time working your way to the top. Be patient. Work hard… and keep working hard.

Success is earned. It is not given.


@jonbaas what about community leadership then?


obously , work heard and delivery your work timely and maintain a good service it will help you for achive your dream,


I think you’ll get the badge soon.


Community leadership means helping others here on the forum – being someone other users can look up to and respect.


Is it helpful to be faster to the way of TOP RATED?


It says ‘account is no longer available’ when I look for the person who posted this. Am I doing something wrong?


You are. I just searched and the account is still available.


Take the 1 off the end - it’s a forum error with some users! :slight_smile:


nthing made you TRS until you’ll do something best for grab attention of fiverr editorial team :wink:


These are words only - I have seen many TRS, Who had 100+ Rating Review only and 2 or 3 month old user!! Might be TRS feature is only for Staff members or Relative of staff :wink:


Everything starts with words.

Take no action afterward, and you are left with whatever your mentality currently is.

I can see it is easy for people to ask for advice, which is a masked way to ask for help. Like to be spoonfed or given secret info that will make them rich and successful.

If you choose to believe I am related to someone who works on the platform, you are free to do so.

But what if I told you I was made TRS because the Fiverr editorial team actually saw something you can’t?

If I were you, I would be most troubled by the fact that I still don’t see that and stop worrying about conspiracy theories about how in order to get the TRS badge you need to work for Fiverr or be related to a member of the team.

~Frankie OUT!


Thanks. Found it now.