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How can I bid more buyers requests in a day?

I can’t bid buyers request as all are beyond the topic of my GIGs.Please help.I’m a front-end developer.but the rquests i get all are about PHP, OOP, ASP.NET bla bla bla.
what should i do now?

You can use your desire category in your gigs. You will find buyer request same as your gigs category.

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you may change your gigs keyword. It increase your buyer request.

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thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Keywords don’t have anything to do with it. BR are based on categories. The OP might be able to get more by creating gigs in more categories, but that only makes sense if they can work in those categories.

To the OP - you may be seeing fewer BR if you’ve bid on some already. Depending on your level, Fiverr limits how many you can bid on.

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You’re representing web programming category and this also includes PHP, ASP etc.
You should move your gigs under WordPress or CMS category.