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How can i block a buyer?


Someone please tell me how can i block a buyer??


In your inbox you have the report button under a message of your choice, you choose a reason why you want to report him and after that you will find the option to also block him.

But you will only block him from sending you messages, he can still buy from you if he wants to.


You can’t. Anyone with a Fiverr account may purchase your services at any time.


is there any way to block permanently >?


so, there is no way to block :frowning:


Like I said above: …


:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: okay…


then, can you please tell me , how can i cancel the order.
Am sending the cancellation request, but buyer decline it…so, how can i cancel it?


Send a message to customer support with the order number and they will cancel it.


thank you so much :slight_smile:


You cannot force someone to accept a cancellation. If you need to, contact Customer Support and ask for their assistance.


I hope we get to have this feature, the ability to block a buyer. Because there are bogus buyers who wants to take advantage of the fact that our rating gets affected when we or they cancel afterwards. so even if they give us almost impossible job, we have to do it just to maintain our rating.


If you prefer to discontinue communicating with them, you may block the user from being able to message you. To do this, click the “report” button at the bottom of the message box and check the option “I do not wish to receive messages from this user”, then click submit.
This may not directly address your concern, but may be of relevant help.


some people want free gigs.

pay after the job.

but they want thing and jobs that are not registered, so, we need to block

days an days losing my time with this type of people…


I completely agree!

I wish fiverr do something about it so we can block a buyer as well


the man still saying to do for free, no gig, and pay after the job, hahaha


it is more of bullying rather than conducting business by some buyers who want to get most out of a seller , even things that are not mentioned in the gig.
Fiverr should do something like blocking a buyer feature.


You need to send feature requests to Fiverr customer service directly.

I don’t think this board is ever read or even acted upon.