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How can I block irritating Buyer?


Can you please tell me how to block a buyer?


If you got a order from a buyer then you can block him/her.Without any experience with buyers you can not block them.


webdesignerxx Few days ago I got order from a buyer. I submitted his order before deadline. After 2 days he sent me a revision request. I done with revision & sent my updated work. He did not see my work. I want to block him after my successful delivery. so plz if you know how to block a buyer then tell me. thank you


Why would you want to block him after the revision? As a seller shouldn’t you make sure the buyer is completely satisfied first. Anyway, if you are on your phone go to your recent conversation with buyer and click the 3 dots on the top right corner


After complete/cancel the order you can block the buyer . Click on the buyer user name>buyer profile>block/report option>then click on block


Thank you. Now i got it.


You are welcome…


Do not block a buyer simply due to him asking for a revision! That is not what the block button is for, to cut them off from asking for more. They might report you for that.

The block button is only to be used for really problem buyers who are harassing you or causing problems.

Please sellers do not abuse or over use the block feature or it may be taken away.


And not only that, you could also get into trouble with CS for reporting/blocking without reason. Remember the report/block is passed to the T&S Team.


Thank you for your advice.


Thnaks brother.that was helpful