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How can I boost up click and impressions on my gig?

Hi there!
I’m new seller at Fiverr and I have just 2 questions to ask

1)How can I boost up my gig’s clicks and impressions?

2)I have about 10 clicks on my gig,however I haven’t got my first order yet
How can I improve it?

When you complete 1st order automatic increase your impressions and click. It is my experience. So, Try send buyer request and completed your first order. One thing when client gave good feedback. Then day by day your gig show up client search and increase impressions, click, order. Thank You

Mate,what does it mean?(try to send buyer request)
Can you explain me,please,just a little about it

Buyer request means send custom offer. When write attractive buyer request 90% chance you got order. How about it.

Thank you,mate
Got it all🤝
Wish all best to you