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How can i bring my buyer in fiverr to order me?



I need to bring my buyer here to order my GIG. How can i do that?

Thank you



Fast of all you always be active. Because buyer want to be active person so, you need to be active and try how to get the first page your gig.


Are you looking to bring a buyer to Fiverr from outside, or just generally looking for buyers?


You can’t bring buy-ers on forum. And also you also if you want your buy-er here on fiverr then ask them to create fiverr account and then ask them to order you. :wink::wink:


Thank you Maruf, He created account, but not know how to order.


Give the buyer a link to your profile or gig, and then he/she can order. If its a Custom Order, then try asking the buyer to message you first and there you can create a custom order.

First let the buyer setup a payment method first.

Good Luck!!


Thanks all , helpfull replies will help all we new Bs


Maybe this would be helpful?