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How can i bring up my gig's impression?

There was was last 7 days impression.
So i need your help how i can bring up my impression?


If you type “increase impressions” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.

Take some time to read through them.

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Okay, Thank you for sending me advise because i am a new user in forum.

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promote it on social media, blogs, and youtube. get the word out and make sure your gig is optimized so when those impressions come in you can get some orders. good luck :+1:

First of all use your keyword in title
2nd in description
3rd in your package
4th in your FAQs


share on social media and forums

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@pedrito2387 and @afzaldesigner78 Thank you guys for your informative comments. Hope it will help me.


@afzaldesigner78 How can I share my gig’s in a forum?

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I think if you make Good Eye catchy GIG images… and make some GIG SEO done also…

Brother, You mean GIG image SEO?
Check my gigs Image And please it that eye-catching or not?

    Not necessary to visit my gig. if you want then visit my gigs and give some rating about how it was?
    ** Just want to know where is my fault. **

Fiverr forum allow you to share your gig link. And also you cab share on many forum like quora etc.

Hi Samual,

Good question about your gig so there are lots of things to correct in your gigs which is shown in below.

  1. Choose Correct Keyword relavent to your gig.
  2. Optimize your gig.
  3. Choose catching Images so definitely it will drive traffic in your gig.
  4. Share your gig in top social media sites.
  5. Share your thoughts in top forums, communities and answer the questions.

This way you can increase your impressions.

@samiul_islam1 wish you all the best