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How can i build my career in fiverr?

Last 13 days, I was active in fiverr more than 16 hrs. But, i didn’t get any order. I send many buyer requests, but less response. Please, can anyone suggest me how can i start my fiverr career. I have 2 years experiences in Digital Marketing.


It takes a lot more than 13 days to have a career in anything. Just have perseverance and you will come out on top. Believe it!

So by now you should have realized that staying online does not equate to orders. Most times having the app notifications turned on will be enough for you to keep on top of any requests that may come. Don’t wear yourself out by idle sitting in front of your computer.

Similar as the above sending ‘many’ requests does not equate to orders. Think about the value proposition you’re offering with each offer. I’ve found it better to send fewer, but targeted, buyer requests than to simply send as many as possible. In 3 years here I’ve never got anywhere close to use my 10 daily requests, only really a couple, and in some days I don’t find anything worth my time.

You do understand that’s very thing you’re having trouble with, right? It’s great that you have 2 years of experience in that field, but if you’re having trouble marketing yourself online that could throw some buyers off.

I think both your gigs and profile could use some tweaking, but the part the sttod out the most to me was

I spent the last 2 years in creating award-winning content and profitable digital growth strategies for media companies and their clients.

What content? Which award? What was the actual growth? And which companies?

In a 2 lines sentence you said quite a lot, but haven’t offered anything to back up those claims. If I have a award winning piece I’d make sure to display it in my portfolio. If I helped a company to grow I’d mentioned what was their growth while I was working with them. Without that it sounds sketchy to me.


I´m new too but If there´s something I´ve been learning here in the forum is that we need to really think how are we going to “market” ourselves and how valuable is our “talent”; if it is valuable, give it the best gig-presentation you can (being accurate of course)!!

However this is just advice by another newbie,I don´t know if this will help you but good luck anyways!

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Hey there!

I’ve only been on fiverr for a few months and for the first few weeks I had absolutely no orders. What’s important about freelancing in general is:

  1. Patience
    A lot of people don’t talk about this, but it’s just the nature of freelancing. It may be days, weeks or months before you get an order. What you should know though is that once you get that first order, that first 5 star, you’re on the radar. More buyers will trust your service through these reviews.

  2. Marketing yourself
    You need to advertise your service on facebook groups and more if you’re looking to gain traction to your gig. Even if you don’t promote, make sure you have work samples in your gig description and have a clean profile so others are more interested in your gig. Use your credentials and experience to market yourself!

Hope these tips help!

Well said, In fact what he said were all tips that were debunked in this thread: Top 5 Fiverr Myths - Debunked!

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Sound Good.
Thanks for your suggetion :heart:

Thanks for your suggetion :heart:
I am going to fix my faults.
You open my eyes. Thanks again.