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How can I cancel a buyer's order?


Hi, I am trying to go through the Resolve button but there is no option for cancelling or mutually cancelling an order. It only says contact customer support? The purchase has already gone through and they left a review. Ugh


If they already left a review, why are you cancelling? The new tos states that the buyer won’t be able to change the review even if you offer a full refund. So you will be better off contacting Fiverr Support.


Yes, Please contact CS (customer support) regarding your matter? Is that your order completed ?


I have a question: If a buyer keep request for reversion, will it harm the sellers account, and cause less buyer would like to purchase the sellers gigs? (the gig is ultimate reversions, and the buyer asks for more than 5 reversion requests)

Thank you for anyone who can answer me the question.


Not that I know of. I don’t use revisions but I do not see why constant revisions would lower your rankings.


I don’t think so. In my category buyers always hit revision button. Nothings happen to my ratings yet.

If you don’t want to do that much revisions please don’t offer unlimited revisions just to get orders. Buyer gives you stars for “Service as described” too. If you refuse to do revisions at some point you might loose few stars for that.


I really wish for a “Accept” order button for sellers.

Can any one tell me if there is a way to cancel orders without getting hurt to ratings?

What if buyer cancelled order for personal reason?


I guess you have to contact Customer Support to cancel an order now.