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How can I cancel a completed order?

How can I cancel an order that I marked completed? I had purchased a gig from a buyer, the items that delivered to me wast great, and I had marked the order as completed. But later I found out that half of the ideas are copied,stolen, “Inspired” from Google and other existing platforms.

I can’t ask the seller to cancel because the order has already completed, so should I contact Fiverr CS?


Yes, I would contact CS and explain your issues with proof such as a screenshot of the document with the proof that parts were plaiarigized.

Yes you can also ask the seller any may be seller will be able to provide you with something different.

Unless you have already made up your mind that you don’t want to work with the seller any more, you will need to get in touch with C.S as stated above by another user.

I would be recommended to contact the seller as the C.S may response late as they have been very busy lately.

Just an FYI “inspired” is not a violation. It’s not considered stolen Unless he copied the design and it’s very viable and obvious that all the lines are the same as on the original design

It’s hard to speak without seeing what he sent to you and what you found. But the rule of thumb “inspired” is not stealing. How many flower logos are out there? Are they all will be considered stolen designs?

We can advise you better if you will post pictures of his work and what you found here.


CS is your friend

i’ve worked with a number of the cheaper logo makers here. i’ll ask them for a specific lemur mascot and a lions share of them will use a stock image that consequently is nothing like what i asked for. so i poke the revision button and reiterate what i asked for in the requirements, at which point all but one actually designed something from scratch

of course if you cancel you won’t be able to use the work, but if you order from someone else in the future

I am agree with you, if this about a logo creation. I do create logo and my creative works also inspired from other people logo’s. Inspired but not same logo with others