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How can i cancel an order without affecting my stats?

Hi guys,
Today i received an offer from a buyer, but it’s out of my scoop, as im a desktop programmer…
The buyer didn’t contact me or talked about his need before ordering.
I have 9 orders and 5 starts more than 400$ and i was waiting to move to the next level 1, but now ?
Please help me how can i cancel this order without affecting my stats.


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You can’t. Unfortunately, cancellations will affect your stats, no matter the reason.

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Could you help me to calculate my Order Completion Rate after cancelling the order ?
Im having 9 completed right now with 100% Rate
if i cancel the new one i will have 90% right ?
100/10 = 10
100-10 = 90%

and that’s still good rate, im i right ?


Yes, it would be 90%, and you should still be fine.

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Ok, Thank you so much !