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How can I cancel and refund my order?

I have completed an order about 3 weeks ago. The buyer did not give me any review. she Continues process wanted to do a lot of works for a review. I do so. But now she wanted to give me a bad review because I am not agreed with her for SEO services with the same order. the order was $5. I am a new seller that’s why I tried to my best for satisfaction my client. And I do a lot of works only for $5. Now I want to refund her dollar and cancel her order. 21 days later Is that possible now?

Advance Thanks for your advice.

It sounds like the order is still active, if it is still active, you can go to the resolution center in the upper left-hand side of the order page and request to cancel the order. Your order completion rate will take a hit, but your buyer will not be able to leave a review.


Yes I think @vickiespencer gave you the best solution. Before that you can try one more time to convince her. If you don’t give any SEO services then tell her. Best of luck.

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Thanks your advice.
But kindly see my resolution center message. Here shows that message. and order is marked by complete.

You’ve completed the order, and you should be paid for it - in fact if it completed 3 weeks ago, you’ll already have been paid for it.

Please report this buyer to CS - using the threat of bad feedback as blackmail is against the ToS, and they should deal with it, not you.

Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face: