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How can I cancel order & get back my money?

Hello there,

I have ordered a seller & he delivered me in time.

But I asked him for modification & he didn’t response me yet. (This about 4 days)

Now, I want to cancel the order & get back my money. How this possible?

I haven’t cancel any order yet so no idea. Please help me.

Go the order page and at the right side there will be a resolution center , click on it and you will find the option to cancel the order , but it will not be cancelled unless the buyer accepts it .


Don’t worry, if your seller not give you feedback until a deadline, fiverr automatically will cancel your order (you can see on attachment, that is preview in seller page), your seller will get negative review because they late and you will get your money back :slight_smile:



yes its true

Reply to @kjblynx: Have you any suggestion to fix my problem please?

Reply to @erwinwira: Are you experienced? If not any issue please don’t try to help anyone.

Reply to @dinislambds: you get your stuff then cancel great , some day maybe you will face the same problem and you will get to taste what it feels like.

This is a fundamental question that can be found in many places on the forums by searching (even before asking a question)… as well as the Fiverr Support page found here:

Reply to @ilovecustomers: It’s not true. I’ve waited 5 days for his delivery but he is not responding me. And what I asked to do him first, He didn’t do that! :frowning:

My designer simply can not provide the design he promised. We have corresponded over 30 times. He can’t make a simple jpg or png. I have spend a lot of time and been very patient but he cannot deliver. The resolution center states the gig was delivered. How may I proceed from here toward canceling? I have no choice, he can’t do the job.

I have had very good experiences on Fiverr and received excellent service. Even when 1 gig decided to not take a job we agreed right away and there never was a problem. I do not understand what is happening this time. Please direct me to the correct place for a refund and cancellation. Thank you.

Unless someone could assist him. graphic_passion needs to remove the background from the .jpg Is it possible for someone to help him correct and complete the job?

It is not the refund I want but the logo so I can actually use it. Thank you in advance if you can help.

Reply to @dinislambds: Let’s i tell my story:

"1 month ago i get cancellation request from my buyer, because my internet connection down, i cannot give him feedback until 3 past days. And fiverr automatically refund his money, and i get negative review. You can see my rating, it’s become down to 98% now, after fiverr automatically refund his money back :frowning: "