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How can i cancle order or return payment to client

How can i cancle order or return payment to client got a bad review for misunderstanding.

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Go to the order page and click on Resolution Center (on top right side the page) . Follow the process and you will be able to refund your buyer.

Refunding a buyer who gave you a bad review will NOT remove the bad review. Sellers cannot remove reviews by offering refunds. Bad reviews will remain on your gig/account.


Keep the money and live with it.


Always, Ask in Delivery message to the BUYER:
Before leaving a review please comment if you’re not happy with the results! We offer satisfaction guarantee or Moneyback!

They will write you and you can offer moneyback before they review your gig :slight_smile:

Go to Resolution
And they you will get the way

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buyer wants to remove but dont know either how to to it

Guide him how to do that

go to resolution! and there you will find feedback dispute! you can raise it and buyer can accept and change it after that