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How can I change a review

I recently had a terrible experience with fragglesrock, A seller on Fiver where i Paid TWICE for a business card and 6 weeks later the job is still not done. He asked me early on to give him a 5 star review, and I felt pressured into giving it to him and once I did It took him atleast a week each time I had a minor edit to get back to me. Until I just got frustrated and gave up. I lost all credibility with my customer over this and it ended up costing me about 3,000.00 in annual business. I would like to know how to just go in and change my review to reflect my experience and Fiver support is a oxymoron, because saying fiver and support in the same sentence makes me want to Laugh(Or Cry) because I got 0 help from anyone at Fiverr (Support). Help .

Sheriff’s note: it’s not fair (and allowed) to call out other users here.