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How can i change Gig's overview picture

I cannot find any options to change my Gig’s overview picture.

The first image in your samples is the gig’s overview picture, which can be edited using the gig editor.

Click on “Edit GIG” and then make changes you need on you gig…

thanks willpower_hk .I have change portfolio samples picture.but when i get my profile it show overveiw pic when i first create the gig and upload a pic first and cannot replace pic by uploading sample overview pic.In my profile it always shown old uploading sample.

Actually I think I know what he is seeing. On one of my gigs it has an overview photo I added a long time ago. Now the option to add or change is not there. It is on other gig types though.

Thanks orcatek I will Agree with your discussion.

Same issues. I uploaded a picture FIRST, but the LAST became the cover picture.
I deleted all of them and re-uploaded in the right order. Nothing has happened.

What should I do now?

I just complete my 1st order & get 5star review. But don’t know the way-how to show this in gig pic anyone can tell me?

Reply to @khademulfaiez: sometimes it also happens to me… What you have to do is just edit your gig and save it again…reload your page… then see it will work for sure…

Reply to @khademulfaiez:
Remember to use a different file name to upload it. It’ll also take some time, but should be within an hour.

Reply to @nilupsalisa: i have same problem like you

Reply to @khademulfaiez: Do you get it now? Please Help.