How can i change my country (means i am from where ) in fiverr?


i am having a problem .my account is showing i am from usa .how can i change it.pls help


It seems many people would be happy to have your problem. Lol.

Are you using a VPN?
Have you verified your phone number?

#3 verification is done


is it possible to change ?


Yes it possible! Contact the customer support! They changed mine too!


You can change, but note that level also matters here


Why would you want to change that? It’s probably the best country to have on your profile, most buyers are American.


sorry i dont understand what are you meaning ?pls elaborate .what u meant by saing level here ?i am newbie here


Yeah @pedromleitao .You are Right


Maybe because he wants it to be accurate. You can contact customer support and tell them that the country is wrong.


If you verified your real phone number with your country code then your country will be changed automatically in about one month.
But if you have verified the phone number from country that is showing on your profile then you have to contact customer support and they will change it for you.



you should to connect CS.They can change it


thanks for the information .