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How can i change my current payment method


As a new buyer I love the Fiverr service… but unable to figure out how to change my current payment method from paypal to a credit card or another payment method… I submitted a question to Fiverr help… not one responded… Site is good … Support Sucks!


Yes, I’d like to know this also.


I can’t even find where to deposit any money into the account at all…


If you want to withdraw fund from Paypal to your Credit Card/Bank Account, Paypal will automatically convert to the currency of your bank account currency. You should ask for help from Paypal instead of Fiverr, since this is not an issue of Fiverr.


You can change from your account setting. You can contact support too for help.


I have a account with paypal also combined to fiverr. But i can’t log into paypal account due to a passward error.also i can’t answer to security questions that ask from paypal account recovery.what should i do?


I have a Payoneer MasterCard. This master card for Odesk (Upwork). Can I use it with fiverr?


Do not ask users to order from you in post replies!


For some odd reason, since I have become a buyer on Fiverr, I noticed that some sellers have these …


How do I change my credit card number in Fiverr?
chrylent said “You can change from your account setting.” Then what?


You can not changed it immediately. For changed paypal to payoneer master card, You need must to contact Fiverr support center. Also you need to describe why you need to change it. If you send a proper reason for change it, Fiverr will allow to your request.


I see directions on this page…

But there is no “paypal for withdrawals” area when I click Settings > Billing… ??