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How can i change my Fiverr username?


I need to change my username of Fiverr. Is that possible?


Unfortunately you can’t change it.


you can not change it.


:disappointed: its totally disapointung


“Note: Your username cannot be changed once you’ve activated your account.”


You’ll have to create a brand new Fiverr account and select the new username when signing up.

(Make sure you deactivate your current account first. It’s against the TOS to operate more than 1 account.)

Best of luck!


Thanks for the info…


This is so disappointing. When I was signing up for Fiverr this is the username suggestion that autofilled. I entered my choice and then everything froze when I submitted. When I went back in to try and finish sign up and select a name again it said I was already active and bam… this was my username. Stuck with it forever because Fiverr froze and had an error. Lovely.


yeahh… thats totally embarrassing, Fiverr should give one or two chances more to change the username in a lifetime of A Fiverr Account.


Although you have a good username :wink::slight_smile:
There are a lot of user who are using an odd name out! They can’t change it now, so you are lucky at least to me as my username means nothing and it’s something compilation. I could understand your name is authentic as I am your fellow guy!

Actually, a buyer always expect a good username indeed to call his seller. And you are just in a right way. Cheers!


its seems i have an awkward one :cry: