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How Can I change My Full Name On fiverr?

Hey There
I want to change my profile name on fiverr… But I could not find the option…for verification process I want to give the name on fiverr with match my name… I used my fake name in previous… Now how can i cange my full name on fiverr?

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I want to change my full name …Not username dear

That is how you change your full name darling. :wink:

@hanshuber16 gave you the right screenshot. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can’t change your username.


have you got the ans mam? I also need this answer, i want to change also my FULL NAME. please reply

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Hey there did the full name change work? Did you verify?

@hanshuber16 I’m using a different full name (Not Username) on my fiverr account, Actually that is my start up name. Will it be a problem during the id verification process?