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How can i change my name


i need to change my name… how do i do that?


You are unable to change your username.


:frowning: are there all username automatically created by email address?


You can change your email address on your account but not your username. If you type “changing username” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.


In my case, I just shaved my beard and started calling myself Andy. - Not too difficult really. :slight_smile:


If you are just going through a phase then doing what @cyaxrex did is best option. Anyway, if you are really serious, official process to change name is not very easy.

To do that in India, you have to do following things:

  1. Name Change Affidavit
  2. Newspaper Publication
  3. Name Change Deed
  4. Request letter to the Secretariat
  5. Name Change Statement
  6. Reply Letter from the Secretariat
  7. Publication Money Receipt.
  8. Gazette Notification

Once your statement is published in the official Gazette, your name change process comes to an end, and now you can enjoy your new name. But sometimes that’s not enough, you’ll have to tell your friends and family members to call you with your new name. Change email address, facebook, Instagram, twitter and official/government ID names. If you are going to do all this, I’d suggest you to choose a good name.


Fiverr is not a Country :smile: If you change your username - That will be manipulation of buyers and many other VIOLATION OF FIVERR TERMS AND RULES. You’re on the fiverr Site and you’ve to follow all rules according to fiverr. They are not going to change their rules for you only :wink:


Actually, that was my sarcastic reply because OP said “name” instead of “username”. Name and username are 2 different things on fiverr :slight_smile: Looks like it wasn’t sarcastic enough, sorry about that, still working on my sarcasm skills. :rofl:

Anyway, if your reply was also sarcastic, pardon me. I am also working on “understanding sarcasm” skills. lol


I think you’re going wrong… in fiverr username and name both are same… this is not a problem with my personal name…if i have that kind of problem i didn’t ask here…


you cannot change your name in Fiverr.


Right now, no more ways dear, new username means new account now. :zipper_mouth_face:


Username and name both are not same. FYI, you can change your “FULL NAME” on fiverr but not your “USER NAME”. Check your “Account Settings” page.


you can not change your user name but you change your full name.