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How can I change my skill of my profile

I had added some skills, now I need to change my skills. I’ve already deleted some skills and added some skills. But when I browse my profile from another browser there are showing all of my skills which I was added previously. I question is- how can I remove unwanted skills form my profile. thank you.


Well you can delete it by going to the tag on your skill section and while on the tag you will see the “trash can” sign to delete it. I just done this and searched my profile on another browser and the changes were immediate.

Due to caching it might just take a while for the skills to update on another browser, eg. one not logged in.


still same problem Here it is.

same problem. I can’t find any other solution.

It probably a bug. You could contact support (at the help desk) to report it (I think someone already has but reporting it would let them know others are having the same problem).

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okay, did I get them reliable?

@rashedmd63 check out this -


Bro, Please check this link

Bro Please check this link