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How can i change the Blocked Payoneer Account in Fiverr


My problem is pretty weird and rare… My payoneer account Block. that’s why I can’t withdraw my payment. My Fiverr Revenue Card option in withdrawal method is still stuck with the Old account, and if i hover my mouse pointer on it, it says “Waiting for card issuer approval”. I contacted fiverr for this, but they said to Contact with Payoneer for this. Can anyone help me with this, How can i enable the Fiverr Revenue card option to Withdraw money through my new account?

CS vas already given you the answer. You must contact payoneer.

I have contacted to Payoneer. They said " We will no longer provide you with our services, the account is closed, Please contact Fiverr for further assistance" :’(

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This would appear to be an answer to your question. If your account is blocked, Payoneer has told you that they no longer wish to serve you, and that your account appears to be permanently closed. Perhaps you may want to find a different payment services provider – and then be sure you don’t repeat the same actions that caused Payoneer to ban you.

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