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How can i change the category of gigs?


Hello Everyone
i want to change the category of my gigs from 3d modeling to Architecture
please some one can guide me
thank you


Did you try from Selling menu to Gigs page then edit ??


you just click selling choose gigs and click to edit and you can change the gig category


you cant change your category once your gig is published

here shows this option


@murtaza1994, Try this. Pause the gig you want to change the category of. Then edit the gig, hopefully you will be able to change the category of the gig. Activate the gig again. Hope this works for you!!


Thank you so much
this works for changing category of the gig :slight_smile:


@murtaza1994, you’re welcome!!


If your gig has no reviews yet, use the Pause method that someone mentioned. If your gig does have reviews that are specific to 3d modeling and not related to architecture, you will get in trouble for changing. The reviews on the gig need to be at least related to the category the gig is in.


can it disturb the reviews on the gig if i pause the gig ?


The reviews will still be there no matter if you pause the gig or not.


Gig Category is not changeable if once you publish a gig.


If you pause the gig and then click edit there
than it is possible to change it
i recently tried it


Thank you it helped me.