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How can I change the rating I left for a seller later?


I had a huge project and the seller was not good to work with. I had to close it out and I rated him just medium. He then sent me a link to the project on google drive. Honestly the work itself was pretty good quality. It was just working with him… perhaps a cultural barrier… I felt like I was at a flee market in a 3rd world country… being badgered 10 times a day…

So I gave him 3 stars, but after I saw his work I want to bump the quality up a notch or two. I can not seem to find how to change the rating I gave him… its been 12 hours or so. Any help would be appreciated


Ask the seller to open the resolution center and request a feedback change. Buyers aren’t allowed to change ratings on their lonesome anymore because of abuses the other way around (lol).


Also, you really, really really shouldn’t be reviewing without seeing the order and deciding it’s completed to your satisfaction. That ultimate creates more problems than it solves. Is the relief of that 3-star review worth this little extra hassle? Because trust me, this could have gone a lot worse and you’d have no leg to stand on as evidenced in countless complaints across the forum.