How can I change the URL on an edited gig?


When I first started on Fiverr my gig was 30 minutes of transcription for $5, but as the time has passed I realised that this price was not feasible on many levels and due to it being as reasonable as it was I think that buyers must have thought that the price equated directly to the standard and quality of my work (which is not so and reviews have shown that) as my work load has completely dried up. SO, I edited my gig and have made some changes on the time of audio transcribed and also tweaked the wording a little, but the URL on the gig still has 30 minutes written in it so when I share it, it is misleading. Is there anyway that I can change this?


Thanks, I feared as much… the lessons that one learns the hard way, it is my only gig and so therefore it has all my reviews and ratings on it so It would be silly to delete and start again… Everyday that I learn something new is not a day wasted… and imagine its only 8 in the morning…