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How can i change where i come from?

It shows I’m from kiribati, can i change it?

I have the same question. It says Kiribati for mine as well.

Please guys, before posting the same question hundreds times all over the forum, use the search feature: the answer has been suggested everywhere :slight_smile:

Anyway, this could happen when Fiverr is not able to understand where your connection come from (due to proxies, special services masquerading IPs, etc…) when you register.

You’re not meant to change this details all by yourself; you must write a ticket to Customer Support and wait for them to reply (it can take several days).

Thanks Mark. Where can I find the support ticketing link?

Reply to @jjackson410: you can click on Customer Support link or this link.

Consider that to create a ticket you must login: credentials are not the same you use on Fiverr, they are completely different and the first time you have to create new ones :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark! You rock! :)>-

They knocked out my request in 10 hours FLAT! I know it was a small thing but I love responsiveness. FIVERR SUPPORT HI-OOOOOOOO!!