How can I check a buyer's rating?


I know someone has posted these instructions on the forum before, but I can’t find them anywhere. You have to Google their username and something else, if I remember right. Can anyone help me out?



There’s a way to do that??? @-)


I saw it once before here. Since you can’t see a buyer’s rating on their user page, someone figured out how to find them through search results. You googled them and some formulation of other words, and it would show you a list of sellers where the buyer has left feedback and you could see the feedback the seller wrote in response.


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This should work : USERNAME thumb


Thank you! That was what I was looking for!


Hello, Please can anyone help me, a buyer gave me a negative feedback after my welldone job, he never read my description, i told him traffic will flow for a month but want instant delivery of 60 000 traffic. i have contacted fiverr, but no response from them. Please what should i do?


Thanks to this search I just realized I delivered a gig to a buyer who turns out to be a trouble maker, wanting tons of revisions and then giving negative feedback.

So if this turns sour now I know how to look up a buyer to get a bird’s eye view.


hey free_trafficcc

If Buyers gives you negative feedback. Ask them again and explain your gigs services


Also give him a Best Reason that you will gets Unique traffic not a fake traffic.