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How Can I Check Whether Fiverr Blocked My Payment Method?

Hello, I have a problem.

I just tried to order from another seller and got an error during payment after accepting their custom offer. The transaction didn’t go through because I got a technical error pop-up after selecting my bank.

This is now the second time where something went wrong while placing an order. The first time I had to cancel transaction twice because I couldn’t log into the bank (site was down/throwing errors). However, I later tried again and successfully paid and placed my order that is currently in the works.

I should note that I use instant transfer (Sofortüberweisung), which is a german banking service that I’ve been using for years and never had any troubles with. I cannot pay via PayPal or with credit card, so that’s my only option.

Now, I’m wondering whether Fiverr possibly considered this a chargeback or something and blocked the payment method? Which would be a real bummer, because I received no notification about it or anything, and communicating this to the seller understandably makes me sound shady (I think), even if I try to be as open about it as I can.

Is there a way for me to check without contacting CS (which are currently super slow to respond)?

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

UPDATE: Never mind, it worked now. Still, I want to avoid this in the future. So, if you have any tips/info on whether or not this is an issue with Fiverr’s system, please let me know. Thank you.


It seems to be a rare but not super rare occurrence. I’ve had a handful of customers it happened to over the years. In all cases, it got solved by either them ordering again, successfully, later/the next day, or by them contacting support (although in that case it also might just be the time factor that solved the issue).
I seriously doubt that all of them were using the same payment method, so my guess is it’s an occasional bug/lag issue, happening somewhere among Fiverr, payment gateway, buyer’s funding source, maybe even a time-out due to internet connection. In case it’s to do with internet/your banking service, perhaps paying during a time that probably is less busy might help avoid it, but I don’t think there’s anything else you can do if your payment method generally works well.

I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Unless a seller is very new, they probably are aware that bugs exist. If you want them to be more reassured that you’ll actually order and aren’t a scammer with no intention of paying in the first place, maybe take a screenshot (also good to send to support in case the issue won’t go away on its own) and send it to them. One or two of my customers did that, even though I hadn’t expressed, nor felt, any doubt at all (happened to be regular customers).

The main issue for a seller is when a buyer expects them to start work on the order before the payment was made and the order started, as that obviously would be quite unwise usually.

Another issue might be if, especially with orders with short delivery time, the buyer would expect the originally agreed deadline to be met, even though the payment and order only came through in the evening instead of the morning of the same day, for example, so it’s better to talk about that, the seller may or may not be able to fulfill an order within 24 hours/x days if it’s placed on Tuesday, or Wednesday instead of on Monday, or whatever.

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Well, I told her to follow this thread. Regardless, she was very communicative. Very nice lady.

Oh, she’s a straight-up professional. She did not initiate any sort of work before payment was confirmed, and she clearly stated as such. Even offered me free samples because I was a new customer and it was my first ever order for a voiceover gig and I was worried I might screw myself over by not describing it well enough. Something she usually does not do. However, she still noted that she won’t provide the samples, either, until payment is issued. Which is only fair.

Anyway, it all worked out in the end, but it is kinda annoying, because I was worried for a sec that she might think I’m a scammer and block me. Which she did not, luckily. xD

Good to hear you have a professional seller :slight_smile: and great that it worked out in the end. Most professional/experienced sellers won’t even blink, much less lose any sleep over such things, just as most professional/experienced buyers won’t expect sellers to start work without having paid and an active order with a seller.

As I don’t know you nor your seller, it was just general remarks that might benefit some people concerning this issue, and a seller’s perspective as a reassurance that you’re not the only one it happened to, but that it doesn’t happen super often (not sure, but for me, maybe 5 x within soon 4 years, and different customers) and that sellers won’t automatically think you may be a scammer. For that, usually, more red flags than just a potential payment bug are needed.

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She did mention something along those lines. However, I was more concerned about it because I have had only 2 orders so far, 1 of which was cancelled by Fiverr (seller’s account got terminated) and the other is still in progress. Meaning I had no reassurance for her to speak of.

And given that I know the kind of “nice guy” buyer (lures you in by being super polite and then it all goes downhill) from ebay sales and others, I was worried that our previous discussion via messages would make me look exactly like that. But it’s all good. I simply got anxious for no reason. :sweat_smile:

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