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How can I come back in fiverr?


Hi everyone
I work in fiverr. I am level one seller.But for my personal problem I can’t active fiverr in last 5 month.Now I want to come back in fiverr though I know this is very hard for anyone.I need some tips how can i come back in fiverr. And pray for me



Be active again, It may take some time to get your gigs ranked but keep going


Thanks.I will try my best


You don’t need prayers. You need ambition.


Come back and try to marketing gigs manually hope will get sells within few days. Best of luck for you.


If you have Repeat Clients, you can message them, letting them know you are now fully available to fully work with them. :wink:


hope everything okay, I think you should delete your old gigs and makes new without copy content.


No - please don’t do that. It would be considered to be spam, and your account could be at risk.


Write your own profile description (write it from scratch, don’t just copy someone’s bio from the internet), or you will be seen as someone who can’t be trusted.

The same goes for gig descriptions: write your own, from scratch.

Offer great services.