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How can I complain if any service provider cheat with me and I get understand it later?


I have purchase a service from a writer. She submitted the files and I trust her. In that case, I have completed the gig and give a review as well. But once I review the file I think, I got cheated. She just copy paste the content from my website. How can I complain against here and get back my money?

Looking forward to having suggestion.
Thanks in advanced.


You may complain at Fiverr CS with 100% genuine proof. :slight_smile:


If you have any issue, the first thing to do is contacting the seller.
Let the seller explain and you two can reach a win - win solution.
After the first delivery, you had 3 days to review the result. If you marked the order complete (and even gave a review) without checking, I don’t think your complaint is valid.