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How can I complain to Fiverr against a seller?!

2 Days back I put an offer to make a logo for my company. The seller offered me 3 logos after successfully taking the payment. I chose one logo from there. And I saw the company name was written wrong there. So I asked for revision. Though the condition was “unlimited revisions” but the seller is not responding to me after I tyring to contact with him so many times. What should I do now?? How can I take action? Fiverr has credited my balance and I dnt have any fucking headache if that seller receives the payment or not. I just want my money back or fix my logo.

Anyone has the solution? Urgent help is needed!

So, Fiverr credited your balance and you have your money back, so you can have a different seller fix your logo. I’m not sure what you are still lacking. If you meant to say that Fiverr debited your credit card, just contact Customer Support for help.

I have a similar case and unable to understand why Fiverr is not taking any action against such sellers , who are spoiling the whole experience of using Fiverr Service .
Returning money is not solutions , the seller should honor their Gigs Description and should deliver what has been promised in Gig.

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Same thing here!
A salesman promises me what and delivers something else, all fiveer does is refund.
This salesman shouldn’t be able to work here.
This damages the company’s credibility.
I’m very disappointed.

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