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How can i connect a paypal from another email to get payments from fiverr?

Hi to all. I am new to fiverr and i have some questions concerning payments. My paypal account is associated with another email not the one that i have my profile on fiverr. How can i connect that? Thank you.

Did fiverr say you had to have the same email on Paypal that you use on fiverr?

Your paypal is assosiated in fiverr with another account??

Hey Lemcchris

You can change the paypal email for which the withdrawals are sent to. Click on your profile name in the top right corner on the Fiverr homepage.

There go to settings -> account settings.

Once there you’ll see:

‘Your profile is associated with a PayPal account.
To change it, click here.’

Click on that, and it’ll explain you how to add a new paypal account to your existing Fiverr account. It can be another mail if I’m correct.

  • Mike