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How can i contact my previous buyers

I had an old account I deleted because I had an issue with it, can someone help me how I can contact some of my old buyers back, if I no their username

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You can not contact any fiverr users if they do not have any gigs .If your buyer has any gig then you can contact .And READ THE TOS . ONE ACCOUNT PER PERSON .Before using this account you should take permission from fiverr support otherwise your this account will be suspended soon.

Best Of Luck.

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It would be against the ToS to do this - you’d be risking your new account by spamming previous buyers.

Please don’t do this.


For that I have told him to read the TOS … :grinning:

Jhakz thanks for your help i don’t mean I have 2 account,I had a problem with my first account and I deleted it, am now using a new one,am just saying with this new one, maybe there will be a way to recover my buyers back

Your answer was already given to you. There is no way you can contact old buyers and not get a TOS warning.


Happy Birthday Miss Vickie!