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How can i contact reviewers?


This may sound like me being overcautious on things but this is what i can’t seem to find:

Im interested in buying a service from someone. This person seems genuine in conversations and has several reviews of people claiming to have experienced results. All seems good.

But i would like to have a conversation with one of the reviewers to ask more questions and to verify for myself that the review is real. Is there a way to get in touch with a reviewer in general. I cant find the option nowhere.


No. Just like on Ebay, you cannot contact others who have purchased from a seller.



Is there another way to verify the authenticity of a review?

Nope. You just have to go with your gut and a seller who has a myriad of reviews from different buyers over a decent span of time.



Yes the seller has that. The things thst she stated are also true according to google. She has 300 reviews mostly positive. But she offers a service that takes time to manifest. So most reviews just state that the communication was good since you have to review right after the completion. Its about 10 reviews who stated to have seen results. Can a review only be made again if the reviewer does a re-purchase?

What type of service does she offer that you are looking to buy? Sounds like something that promises results in search engines, likes or viewers to some channel. If only 10 reviews out of 300 say explicitly they saw results, that to me seems as though the other 290 reviewed before seeing results and maybe saw an immediate result, which if it is a Gig that offers you to rank higher in a search engine or get followers etc (which, I think that is not allowed here anyways) rated right away before realizing those bot or fake followers fall off pretty quick or kill your ranking.

I am only speculating on what they are selling, but, it seems it may be something like that that takes time to develop.


Yes they can only leave a review if they made a new purchase. One purchase gets them one review. And contacting people is only done when you are interested in buying their gig.

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Its not a gig for followers or search engine optimization. She states in her description that it takes atleast 10 days to see results to a max of 1 month. And that shell redo her service for free if you havent seen results. And yes thats the problem. People have to review without being able to see reviews.

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You generally can’t contact users who are exclusively buyers here, their profiles lack the Contact button, which is to protect them from all the spam they would get else.
And you aren’t supposed to contact sellers (who sometimes are buyers too but have the contact button because they are sellers) either, unless it’s to buy a gig or ask questions because you intend to buy from them.
Seller profiles do have a contact button, and we do get a lot of spam even though spamming isn’t allowed.

While I understand your wish to talk to one of the reviewers - as someone who has been contacted and asked about a gig/seller I bought from, I can tell you that I did not like it and I’m glad that it happened only once yet.

For one, being a seller and having that contact option on my profile, I do get a lot of spam that eats into my time already (sellers have to react to everything including spam and scam messages because of metrics like response rate and time).

Then, even if the seller I bought from is from another niche, they are another Fiverr seller, kind of a colleague, in a way - would you tell a random person who emailed you on your company’s email address and asked you about how one of your colleagues is performing?

Thirdly, that purchase was something rather personal, which it sounds like yours might be too, and I had zero wish to talk about my purchase to anyone, but was forced to reply, and felt awkward having to find a polite way to tell them ‘nunya’.

Again, I understand your wish and you don’t have any bad intents or anything, of course, but if you try to take the perspective of the one being asked, you might understand why it shouldn’t be done (asking sellers about their reviews) respectively can’t be done (asking buyers about their reviews).

However, if a seller explicitly states that something may take more than 10 days to manifest, I might see that as a sign for caution because it happens to be the exact time you can leave a review (when the window for reviewing was 30 days, you’d often see “can take longer than 30 days”), then again, if they indeed sell something that takes time to manifest, they might feel the need to protect themselves from people leaving bad reviews before whatever they bought could manifest.

The only honest way for buyers to review such services is to give feedback on the communication from the seller, unless “something happened” within the ten days.
Obviously, it would be unfair to leave a bad review if you bought something that might yet happen, so, typically, you’ll only find good reviews for sellers who sell such things.
You can only search, compare, do a bit of Googling, and hope for the best.
You can also look at all gigs of the specific seller, perhaps they also offer something that’s a bit more “tangible” and or order something like that, or their cheapest offer, to get a better feeling about their behaviour (how do they communicate, are they pushy about reviewing (not allowed), etc.). In case you’d not really be happy with that, you won’t have spent too much.

If you buy something like that, ultimately, no matter how much research you do, you can only trust, or not.
IMO, anyone who wants to buy such services, should do that in the full realization that they might spend their money on nothing, and it better not be the family’s last money, but money they can afford to lose in the worst case, and money that was well spent in the best case.

Hope that helped a bit, or at least added some perspective.

I understand. I honestly have a good feeling about this seller because of enough reviewers claiming results from her work, she provides proof of work abd other gigs of her have a 5 day manifestation. Ill see what happens