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How can I contact the target buyer?

I am really sad. A lot of top buyers are knocking me out but some are not talking after I give their answer. They are just going through the details of the job and not saying anything later and someone is giving me a job that does not match my job. I don’t know what should I do?


This happens to a lot of sellers! The buyer likely found someone else to do their task, or they decided that they no longer want to order anything. Don’t worry too much about those situations!

These buyers probably didn’t understand the service you were offering, or they are spammers. Avoid dealing with buyers who want you to do something that’s not in your services.

I hope that helped! Good luck!

You can get your targeted buyer from social media platforms, And also you can easily get your buyers with your professional gig, description, Gig Image, etc.

Thank you so much I understand it that I didn’t understand.

Thanks a lot I will always follow this.