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How can I contact with my old Fiverr client using Fiverr new account

Hello everyone, I am a Fiverr seller from 2015 to now. Unfortunately, My Fiverr account Disabled By delivery issues. I expecting trick and tips from everyone about how can I contact with my old Fiverr client using Fiverr new account on Fiverr. Advance thanks, to all members.


If you remember his username, just type it in the search bar and then select “Search usernames”. Then once you click on the username, you will see a contact button.

You can’t and contacting people who aren’t your clients is against the rules anyway. You are also not allowed to contact sellers unless it is about an existing order. Presumably you want to message these past clients to get them to work with you. That itself is a suspendable or even bannable offense on Fiverr.

I’m not surprised that you lost your previous account if you want to find a way to contact sellers from your previous account. Remember: they were only the clients of the account you had, not clients of yours personally. You are not entitled to engage with them and as I said, that’s not allowed even if you still had your old account.

Fiverr isn’t going to enable people whose accounts have been revoked to misuse the system.

@insects44 Initiating contact with a seller is a breach of the terms of service and can get you suspended or banned. You only ever message a buyer if you have a question about an existing order you have with them. Period. Please don’t advise people to do things that could jeopardize their account and also result in harassment of sellers.


I totally do not agree with:

This is exactly what I hate the most. If someone orders me without messaging me first. If someone orders me first, most commonly they say nothing about their order, and I have no idea what to do.

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No, I’m saying you as a seller aren’t allowed to initiate contact with a buyer.

What you’re referring to is a buyer initiating contact with a seller.

I’m not sure why this bothers you because you aren’t any more likely to get a seller to contact you prior to ordering them by messaging them before they have a chance to order. If Fiverr allowed this, it would be incredibly annoying to buyers and they would get spammed a lot.


I think I misunderstood you.

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Hi thanks for the reply, Yes I know this.

You know that it’s not allowed, but you want to do it anyway.

And you’re wondering why you lost your previous account…


Friend this method does not work.

actually, these inquiries from my frustration. thanks for your counseling

Sorry, I thought it worked before.

all the best thank you

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Did you get the permission from Customer Support to open a new account? If not, your account is very likely to get banned, so contacting anyone won’t be an option.


First of all - your new account should be banned too…Because fiverr do not allow new account after 1st banned.!!

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The buyer should contact you first, then you are allowed to message him.
Contact customer support to open new account, if they accepted you demand try this instruction:

  • Old username name: rcd_juwel1
  • New account username: rcd_juwell

okay thank for counseling

okay thank for your information

ok thanks, I contacting support