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How can I convert first knock to first order

I’m new here at Fiverr. I want to know how can I conevert first knock to first order? How can I present me to buyers that I am perfect for the job? Specialist pls give suggestions.

Search “how to convert inbound leads” in Google.

Also, search the forum as this has been addressed a lot.

I have a question: is “knock” slang for the word inquiry in Bangladesh and India? I have seen it several times in the forum, but not elsewhere.

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Thanks, for your valuable comment. We use the word “knock” in Bangladesh & India, that means A buyer comes to profile and make choice to give a order for this action he gives a message that means the “knock”

Thanks! A heads up that some people outside of those countries may not know that is what you mean. I figured it out because I work in the profession.

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Yes, profession meets a lot of words

What does this mean?

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When someone get involved in worldwide job community he or she get some words that they not ever meet or use the word.

The thing is that its English language and if you invent a new word in your community it still doesn’t make it English language.
@humanissocial was trying to point out that you should stop using that phrase as it doesn’t make any sense in English language. And English language is a universal language and made for people to understand it but not to invent new words that no one can understand.


Exactly. Thanks.

Esoteric language isn’t wise for business. If people can’t understand you, they won’t discover you or hire you.

It’s also discourteous to expect people to decode what you mean.

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