How can I convice my buyers with my offers?


How can I convince my Buyers? I have gigs which reflect my skills. I want to work more and I want to give my best service to my clients. I will give them best service at minimum price. I will give them some extra bonuses. I will also provide money back guarantee if they don’t get satisfied with my work.

Those are my strategies about convincing my Buyers. Is that good or need to improve?

https://■■■■■■/sDjZQj this is one of my GIG.


show them your past work, your channel. make some proposal for them to see that gives more satisfaction to see other person has done its homework.


Tell them to check your past buyers reviews and communicate with them in a friendly language.


I can show him my channel but I’m still waiting for my 1st break. Then what should I do?


Expert_Writter, I’m still waiting for my 1st work. How can I show them reviews?


Try to stay online for a longer period of time because that might improve your chances. Also, if you have sold more than 5 gigs then I think your eligible for the ‘Available Now’ option and that should attract more buyers as well. Good luck!




I support strongly as what @savagebro21 said.



Yes, I’m staying. Still waiting for my 1st order… BTW Thanks for your advice.