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How can I create a new gig professionally?

Hello, Fiverr forum
I want to be a full-time graphic designer at Fiverr. How can I create a new gig professionally? So that the gig ranks in the future.
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Bad idea.
. For information │ Number of services available in most competitive categories │Top countries and share
Part-time, fine, but don’t quit your day-job.


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As you can see by this information that my friend @blavaro put together the niche you wish to try to do full time is extremely saturated. I would not quit my job to be a graphic designer here.


First of all welcome you in the Fiverr world.

If you want to make a professional gig first of all you should do keyword research on your service. Then set a eye-catching title on your service and try to keep 2-3 keywords or tags in the title. Write the gig description to elaborate your service. You can see other sellers’ gigs, take idea, and write your one. Keep in mind that, never copy others. Most important thing is gig package. Set 3 gig packages to compare your services. Set the price correctly. If you don’t know how much price you should set for your specific service, then research other similar gigs. I will recommend you to follow new sellers’ gig price, because you are new too. When you will get level up then you can increase your price. Then make a attractive gig image. As a new seller you can create 7 gigs. I will suggest you to create 5-7 gigs in the beginning. It will be good if you create 5-7 gigs on 1-3 categories. If you create 7 gigs on 7 separated categories it will not be so professional, because buyers know that a person can not be expert in 7 categories. Hence, I will recommend to create gigs up to 3 categories. Give 6-7 FAQ regarding your service. Give actual recommendation for buyers.

Lastly I will say that, Fiverr does not rank your gig on 1st page unless you complete some orders properly and get handsome review. It is too rare to get a good rank without order completion and reviews as a beginner. So, send 10 buyer requests daily with relevant proposal. The more your gig the more you will get buyer job requests.

I hope it will help you make overall success in your Fiverr journey.


@marketer_hameed Thank you so much

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