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How can I create a studio?

Where does the option to create a studio come from?

In the article on the studies teach through a video how to create one, but do not show how to get to the section “Create a Study” above says that not everyone can do it. Who applies for this? I’m overlooking something, can you explain?


It is explained here:


I come from there. That’s why I’m asking…

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Suggest you read the article I gave you.

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Then you didn’t read it correctly. “Studio Leads: These are pre-selected handpicked sellers who are eligible to create a Studio” and “These are pre-selected handpicked sellers who are eligible to join a Studio Gig.” and “Note: Eligibility of leads and members for Fiverr Studios is determined periodically by Fiverr. There is no application process. You will be notified if you are handpicked for Fiverr Studios.”

It’s mentioned in four places.


So, there are no requirements that one can attempt to meet in order to qualify for selection? They just pick them out?

It would be great if we could know what we have to do to be considered by Fiverr.

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They pick them based on quality services they provide, I’m sure.

Focus on being a quality seller and if you’re picked, you’re picked. If not, oh well. Why is this important to you?

They wouldn’t tell people the criteria, because then loads of sellers will start doing the same thing and also trying to game the system because that’s how a lot of sellers operate here.


You are partly right, but in my case, I have my personal brand (my Fiverr account) but I also have a small company that I created together with a friend and I would like to be able to work as a company here together with my team. I hope that later on Fiverr will give you the option to create a studio, and that they will do as a kind of review to see if you are reliable to lead one or something like that, I hope they do something similar. For now it will be then to continue as before and wait to be taken into account. Thank you for your time!

You’re not understanding. Read the article again.

You don’t get to use Fiverr Studios for your personal team and you don’t get to pick who would be in your studio.

Both Fiverr Leads and Members are existing Fiverr Sellers and Fiverr decides if they are chosen and who they work with.

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Thanks for that bit of information.

Thank you for sharing link. I hope it will help us.

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