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How can i create featured gigs?

How can i create featured gigs and extra gigs ? please help me anyone , i am new in here.

Thanks everyone.

you can’t

Hello! You can add extras onto your gigs when you are a Level 1. Featured gigs are chosen by Fiverr admin. All you can do to get a featured gig is make something really awesome and hope for the best. :slight_smile:

It is not up to the sellers or buyers on fiverr.

Fiverr is looking for gigs to feature everyday. Your gig must attract the Fiverr admin.

From what I have seen featured gigs tend to have more orders, that’s how fiverr knows if it’s a quality gig.

Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys

Any ideas anyone how to get the attention of the admins in a good way :slight_smile: