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How can i create fiverr studio?

I got Level two badge.
Now i want to create fiverr studio.
So can you please explain me when i can create a studio?


You can not. Only handpicked sellers are eligible for fiverr studio. If you didn’t receive an email that you can be a studio lead or studio member then unfortunately you are not eligible.


Oh. I didn’t receive any mail yet. So will i need to wait for mail? Or they instantly mail when got level two?

The exact requirements for studio eligibility aren’t specified. They’re manually chosen, so you just need to wait to see if you get manually chosen.


Okay Thanks for your cooperation.

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Here’s how it works:


Why don’t you just Google Fiverr Studio and learn how it works before asking here?

This is public information direct from Fiverr. You will find it if you look.

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