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How can I deal if the buyer wants double work in the same $?

I am working with one buyer. He placed an order for the mailer design and development.
In my Gig, I provide 3 mockups/options (in JPG format) out of three buyers have to select one or he can select sections out of three and suggest one.

Now my problem:

I provide him three options (op-1, op-2, op-3). He said he likes 2 options (op-1 and op-2) out of 3. I suggest him op-1 looks really good. He agreed, and I started development. I worked on it totally one day nonstop around 16 hours. Just because he wants ASAP. Even the delivery time was 6 days, I delivered before 2day. And just after delivery, he is saying “I like op-2” and he suggesting also edits in it. Now if I refuse, guaranteed he will spoil my 5-star rating and if I say yes, then I have to do again all development. I don’t know what to do.

And every time he is saying, “I like your work and I am preparing one more order for you”. I 100% guaranty he is just trying to make me fool. Many buyers promised me before him and no one placing the order. I know it, but I am just ignoring it.

I am too frustrated, I have to complete one ongoing order.

Is there any way to come out of that? Please help.

Thank you.


Just contact to cs team and show them what is going on and i’m assure they will help you better Good luck! :wink:


I think you are over complicating the situation. And actually you yourself put yourself in this position.

COMMUNICATION is everything and instead of picking the design that you like the best out of two you should’ve tell him that witching your gig he need to choose one final version to work on changes and preparing final files and ask him which version he want to go with. (because your buyer could’ve just agree with you without knowing that you are planning to make changes on only one option.

I don’t see any fault of the buyer and he definitely doesn’t show signs of a difficult buyer. You just didn’t explain to them what your service include :woman_shrugging:


Hi there @patilharidas, wow it is indeed very confusing by only reading your topic. I do understand your point here though. However, If I’m confused, how confusing this must be for your clients? I suggest editing your gig as simple as you possibly can. This way your clients know exactly what they get when ordering. Also, you won’t get all these frustrations. Your work should be fun and motivated, and if you’re frustrated that is a sign that you’re not happy. This often shows in the work that you do, and this again is noticeable in your gigs. Make it easy and simple for yourself and your clients. Make your gigs entertaining and fun, and you feel a lot better! To your success, Humberto

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Hello, I looked at your gig packages for that.

If he purchased your Premium $45 package, that includes 3 variations, not “options”. You do not say that they get to choose one of the three so he would get all 3.

He gets 2 if he chose your $35 package.

I am assuming by “option” you mean “variation” as your packages states. Your gig packages say they get all 3 variations so you have to provide them.

Your gig calls them “variations” not “options”. This is bait and switch. You need to give him all 3 variations and stop changing the word to “options”.


Hi, Thank you all for your time and valuable feedback.

Hi, Thank you for your time and valuable feedback.
You have a valid point. I think maybe that is the reason I am facing a problem. I worked with many buyers but everyone was agreed with me and I was clearing everyone (also cleared this buyer) before start order that, I will give them three design options and out of these three they will choose one and then I will convert this one design into HTML and deliver this only one. I think my current buyer was agreed with it because he already selected one option after delivery he wrote to me:

hi patil, sorry just checked, on second thought i would like to take the 2nd option which has an aeroplane in it, but kindly change the aeroplane into other icon which fit with reservation theme.

It means, he was cleared that he will get only one option in delivery but after delivery, his mind changed and so on…

But you are also right. I will consider it going forward.

Well, I have already a problem solved by giving him a second option and He is happy with it.
Thank you.

Deliver what your contract says you’ll do and nothing more. Never let a buyer manipulate you with the prospect of a bad review. You can recover from a poor review, anyway.

Never enable buyers to exploit you.

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Complete the order somehow and block the buyer, end of the story.

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